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What's New In Plant & Equipment


Terram Expands Grass Reinforcement Mesh RangeTerram Expands Grass Reinforcement Mesh Range

Terram has expanded its popular GrassProtecta range of grass reinforcement mesh products. Following positive customer feedback across a variety of installations including golf courses, National Trust sites, landscape gardens and airports the range has been extended to include three new products; GrassProtecta Lite, GrassProtecta Medium and GrassProtecta Heavy.

Lite is a 10m mesh suitable for withstanding the pressures of occasional car parking and heavy pedestrian traffic. The solution is ideal for paths on golf courses or car parking areas that are not in regular use.

Medium is a 13 mm-thick mesh suitable for overspill parking, cycle paths with occasional maintenance vehicle access and regular residential parking.

Heavy offers additional strength through a 14.5 mm mesh. The product is suitable for paths with regular vehicle access, event parking spaces or occasional industrial vehicle parking. GrassProtecta Heavy is also ideal for caravan sites and areas where greater support is required.

All GrassProtecta products are manufactured in the UK using high quality recycled and virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) at the company’s facility in Maldon, Essex. Each solution is available in rolls of 1 m or 2 m wide with lengths of 10 m or 20 m.


Improved Safety And Flexibility For Your Hydraulic QuickcouplerImproved Safety And Flexibility For Your Hydraulic Quickcoupler

Worsley Plant Ltd are pleased to introduce to the UK a new safety feature from Lehnhoff – the Lehmatic Safety Control. Lehmatic Safety Control (LSC) is a high-quality assistance system that makes locking your hydraulically operated quickcoupler even safer, with maximum flexibility and comfort and added peace of mind.

LSC prevents unintended triggering of the coupling procedure. The system is operated from the safety of the driver’s cab, and therefore the driver always has a clear overview of all coupling statuses. Two sensors monitor the coupling process on the lock plates and the locking pin independently. This ensures that the attachment is safely and correctly in place at all times. Safe two-finger operation is required for the unlocking function.

Should the coupling process experience a malfunction, the LSC will automatically detect it and signal the driver. Safety is therefore ensured at all times. LSC also detects if the wear limits are exceeded, or if there is signal interference within the system. Load hook mode is used for hoisting without an attachment.

Lehnhoff Quickcoupler Systems with Lehmatic Safety Control are available for almost every excavator size.

Worsley Plant Ltd

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