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Next Generation Roofing Solution For Low-Energy Homes

Next Generation Roofing Solution For Low-Energy Homes

Created by PIR manufacturer Recticel Insulation, L-Ments, is a self-supporting system enables a safe, fast method of creating a watertight structure. An innovative prefabricated roof system that enables the installation of a fully insulated pitched roof in just a matter of hours, has been specified and installed at an eco-house in one of Britain’s top tourist locations.

Created by PIR manufacturer Recticel Insulation, L-Ments, is a self-supporting system enables a safe, fast method of creating a watertight structure.

The detached, four-bedroom home located in Burley, the heart of Hampshire’s glorious New Forest, has been designed and built by architect, Nick Lacey.

For the two-storey property - constructed using Passive and Active solar techniques - Mr Lacey required solutions that would offer fast, quality construction along with high performance.

For the roof, L-Ments met this brief, providing a prefabricated system with superb thermal performance that quickly waterproofed the partially-built home and helped to speed-up the construction process.

Such was the ease of application the construction of the pitched roof was completed in just seven hours.

Mr Lacey commented:

The roof’s prefabricated element was key to its specification as I urgently needed to speed-up building works on this project. I’m glad to say I made the right decision.
      L-Ments is built for rapid installation as well as containing all the necessary thermal properties to ensure the completed house meets the near- zero carbon standard. Working with the system proved to be a very good choice.

The 200 m² Burley house is the first project to use the innovative system in the UK.
Designed to offer U-values of between 0.13 and 0.19 W/m²K, it comprises, breather membrane, counter battens and integral structural timber along with high performance PIR insulation, all incorporated into lightweight cost-effective modular roofing panels.

To create a total roof solution, the vapour permeable underlay felt is pre-glued with self-adhesive overlaps. Counter battens are fixed to the panel while the multi-layered facings act as a vapour and air barrier on the inside.

The PIR insulation core offers low thermal conductivity at 0.023 W/mK, and the timber rafters incorporated within the core offer strength for self-support. During the production process, the foaming takes place around the rafters which means that the panels are completely airtight as well as highly vapour resistant. The L-Ments system can be covered with a range of finishes such as tiles, slates and zinc.

Available in four thicknesses and five lengths, 195 m² of 200 mm thick x 1200 mm x 6500 mm panels were used in the Burley pitched-roof’s construction. The panels, which feature shiplap joints to ensure they lock together and are lifted into position via a crane, were easily adapted to address the roof’s pitch of 60° on the north-side and 30° on the south-side.

The Burley project is due for completion in December 2016.

Recticel Insulation

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