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On the road to recovery in Yorkshire - continued

Temporary defences at Vodafone in Leeds and at BT in York, preventing the loss of communications across Yorkshire

Temporary defences at Vodafone in Leeds and at BT in York,
preventing the loss of communications across Yorkshire

When working on such an intense flood recovery programme we need to ensure we engage with local communities. We held an exhibition in York at the end of May about the Foss Barrier and showed communities how to improve their resilience. Our repair work at the Foss Barrier continues, including an upgrade to the pumping station. We’ve already installed three temporary pumps and eight new, permanent pumps with a greater capacity are due to be installed in August and will be fully functioning by winter.

We also worked with St. John’s University in York to engage with the 15,000 strong student population in York, many of whom live in flood risk areas.

We intend to keep up the momentum, delivering flood schemes, collecting data about flooding and building links with communities.

£36.5 million flood scheme begins in Hull

£36.5 million flood scheme begins in Hull

Repairs to defences will provide ongoing protection to 63,000 properties. The project will repair defences on the River Hull that are aged and dilapidated

The Environment Agency is launching a major flood defence scheme in Hull after securing £36.5 million in Government funding.

Work will begin this autumn on repairing flood defences that lie within a 7.5 km stretch of the River Hull, helping to protect 63,000 properties in the city.

Some 39 riverside locations along the river have been identified as having defences that are in need of repair. These have aged or deteriorated over time, posing a risk of flooding when river levels are high.

As part of the first phase of the project, the Environment Agency will repair damaged flood walls and other weak spots to ensure that the existing level of protection will be provided for years to come.

Initial surveying and construction work will start in autumn this year. The first phase of the project will be complete by 2019, and additional phases of work will follow.

Neil Longden, flood risk manager at the Environment Agency, said:

This investment is great news for Hull. It will provide reassurance to a significant number of properties that are at risk of flooding, and on top of that the strengthened defences will open up the river corridor for new development, regeneration and economic growth.
     The River Hull Defences scheme is a large and complex project. We are working closely with landowners, businesses, river users and Hull City Council to develop the design and the works programme.

This £36.5m scheme is just the start of major flood defence improvements we are making in the area - and by 2021 we will invest a further £86m into the estuary reducing the risk of flooding for more than 50,000 homes.

Defences along the River Hull currently provide a 1-in-200 year protection, meaning that the defences reduce the risk of flooding to a 0.5% chance in any one year.

The River Hull is also protected from tidal flooding by the Hull Tidal Surge Barrier, which is located at the confluence of the River Hull and the River Humber. During high tides and storm surges, the barrier is lowered to prevent tidal waters flowing back up the river.

Environment Agency

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