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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 6 No 1




Stabilisation to the

M25 Motorway

Dawson-WAM have just completed emergency

slip repairs to the M25 Motorway between

Junction 26 and Junction 25. These emergency

works were completed for Jackson Frameworks

over a series of night possessions.

Due to the significance of potential impact

to the M25 all equipment had to be mobilised

to site, rigged up, complete the allotted works, derigged

and demobilised each and every night during the works.

With an operating window of midnight to 4 a.m this

meant that the actual working window was only 1 to 1.5

hours per night.

An 80 t ABI TM22 with 30VV vibro hammer initially

installed 9 m long sacrificial sheets to support the car-

riageway and then installed 18 m long AZ38 pairs assisted

by a 70 t telescopic crawler crane.

The 70 t crane was then used to support an impact

hammer to backdrive the sheet piles.

The final works involved the use of the 70 t crane to

support a suspended vibro hammer to install some 6 m

long AZ18-700 sections down the embankment slope

to act as isolated pinning piles.

For further information:

ABI Group

Tadano in Port Talbot with Davies crane


The Tadano telescopic ATF 400 mobile crane from Davies

Crane Hire, carried out a special job at the TATA Steel

plant, in Port Talbot, South Wales.

The requirements for this job included fast set-up

times, manoeuvring heavy loads with great precision

and working safely at night with low visibility.

The crane was used to remove and replace 2 x 45 m

conveyors, which transported the shipped coke straight

from the vessels to the blast furnaces. Throughout the

project, the steel production facilities had to remain fully

operational, which meant that most of the work had to

be completed at night.

The Tadano was used to lift the 3 x 15 meter long

sections, weighing 18 tons each, to heights of 40 meters.

During this process the Tadano ‘Lift & Release’ system

played a vital role in safely manoeuvring the sections

– especially where obstacles restricted the view for the


This prevents loads swinging out and thus provides

an additional safety measure for staff working on the

site and for loads being lifted.

The crane operator chose to activate this feature and

used the high intensity xenon boom lights for optimal

night time visibility.

The strong and rigid Tadano boom meant that the


plete lift was carried out with the main

boom and a 36.5 meters luffing jib. A

Tadano ATF 50G-3 mobile crane was

used to rig the luffing jib.

Tadano´s two engine concept kept

the on-site emissions to a minimum dur-

ing the job, complying with TATA Steel´s

sustainability policy. It also meant that

fuel consumption was lower making

this lift profitable, efficient, fast and



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