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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 6 No 1


the ground is really hard two to three metres

down, we would recommend they take an


Until this product was launched, if customers had

difficulty in driving trench sheets into the ground with

the EMV, they would either hire an Auger specialist, or

use the excavator bucket to dig out and backfill the soil.

The digging method is time-con-

suming and cannot be done in areas

where there is a risk of disturbing the

foundations of a building.

Among the key benefits of the new

Auger products is versatility. With a

range of models to choose between,

the drills can provide solutions for

several different excavator sizes –

ranging from five to 45 tonnes and

an extension bar can also be easily

attached for greater drilling depth.

Adrian Sumner, foreman on the

Newpool Construction site in Shifnal

where Mabey Hire’s first Auger was

hired, said:

“The Auger has proven a huge asset

on site, and has performed exactly

as we hoped it would in enabling us to bore into

hard ground. It’s a really great tool to have on

board, especially as we move into the winter

months, and is already offering a significant

improvement to our working efficiency”.


The Master Squeegee

HE Services (Plant Hire)

Ltd has launched a new

attachment to aid site

yard clean up and other

similar duties. It is best

described as a giant


The Master Squeegee

is specially designed to

shift slurry or loose mate-

rials across a hard


Made from high qual-

ity steel and featuring a

reinforced rubber belt

that has been proven to

be watertight.

This attachment is ide-

al for clearing bogged

roadways or cleaning

warehouse floors.

The Master Squeegee is built to fit 6 meter Manitou

Telehandlers and above, but can also be fitted to a JCB


A universal quick hitch also allows this attachment

to be fitted onto customers telehandlers too.

The new Master Squeegee is ready to be hired from

HE Services nationwide.