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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 6 No 1


Technology Paves


For Road


MOBA and Highway Data

Systems partner to offer a

complete technology and

materials testing service

for road builders

MOBA UK and Highway Data Systems

(HDS) have formed a joint venture to

provide road builders with a unique

service that combines MOBA’s state-

of-the-art sensing technology and

HDS/MATest’s world-class materials

testing. Together, this will ensure that

highways are built to the very highest


The considerable benefits to road

builders means that comprehensive

data can be automatically gathered

during paving operations which can

then be incorporated into PMS and

BIM systems.

UKAS accredited reports can also

be generated. The net result is that the

client has a greater insight into the

construction process whilst also signif-

icantly reducing the need for on-site

quality control personnel.

MOBA UK’s Managing Director Ian Lewis said:

“Our partnership with HDS / MATtest represents

a tremendous opportunity for road constructors

to benefit from the combination of best-in-class

sensing technology and proven reporting and

materials testing.

“What they will also appreciate is that

there is no capital expenditure required as the

MOBA sensing equipment will be rented out for

the duration of the project and thus treated as

a service charge”.

Joe Charlesworth, Director of Highway Data Systems,


“The constant feedback we receive from the road

building agencies and contractors tells us that

by bundling together hardware, software and

reporting will now uniquely position MOBA and

MATtest as the go-to companies for expert, and

cost-efficient, analysis of the entire paving


MOBA’s sophisticated hardware is used to capture

data from a range of sensors on the paving machine.

This is then sent to a cloud server for integration with

the client’s plant data by HDS to produce comprehensive

reports in geospatial and spreadsheet formats.

Compaction data is also captured from rollers using

M2M technology to give a complete overview of the

paving process from start to finish.

Through the process of automation, fewer on-site

quality control staff will be required, providing the client

with additional cost-saving opportunities.

HDS then delivers post-paving quality control testing

using its vehicle mounted systems which are able to

measure surface regularity and macro texture at traffic

speed, further reducing the need for site staff.