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Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 6 No 1


With the arrival of the

Farrans famous ‘Claude

Monique’ barge, river

works are now underway

in Sunderland, where the

company is constructing a

three-span, cable stayed

bridge across the River



uring coming weeks, the foundations for the

central pylon will begin to take shape with metal

piles inserted into the riverbed and along the

edge of the southern embankment, where bridge sup-

ports will be built.

The ‘Claude Monique’ barge is equipped with two


A Sumitomo 40 t telescopic crawler crane which is

the company’s smallest crane and features a hydraulic

system and main crane hoist drum winch of 85 Kn (8.7 t)

line pull. The machine has a swing mechanism with

turnable bearing and a 24-volt electrical system with

two 12-volt batteries.

The 4-section, full-power box construction telescopic

boom extends from 10 m to 32 m and the main crane

hoist cable is 18 mm diameter and 170 m long.

The other crane is a Sumitomo 80T crawler crane

that has fly jib lengths between 9 and 18 m and a rated

output of 183.9Kw/2.20 min.

The boom extends from 12.2 m to 58 m, with boom

hoist and lowering at 40 m/min. The rated output of the

crane is 183.9 kW/2.20 min and its gradient is 30% (17°).

The barge also has a range of piling equipment to help

the construction team to build in the river.

The barge measures 45 m in length and 15 m in width,

with a gross tonnage of 514 T. The barge has two 20 m

hydraulic spud legs and four remote-operated anchor

positioning winches.

It has been recently refurbished and has completed

a 5 year load line inspection in October 2015 and will

provide a platform for the team to work from and is

certainly ready for the job, having just undergone a





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