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New GMK4100L added to Hird Group fleetNew GMK4100L added to Hird Group fleet

Hird Group, a leading UK access platform and lifting specialist, has added another Grove crane to its fleet.

The company has recently purchased a 100 t capacity Grove GMK4100L all-terrain crane, which will be delivered and installed at its headquarters in Hull at the end of August.

The four-axle crane was presented by Manitowoc at this year’s Vertikal Days trade show, where the purchase was finalized.

The GMK4100L is the long-boom version of the popular GMK4100 four-axle all-terrain crane. Featuring a 60 m boom, the Grove crane can lift an impressive 1.6 t at a 48 m radius. At just 10.7 m long, the crane’s carrier, which includes all-wheel steering and Megatrak suspension, is compact and highly manoeuvrable.

Manitowoc Grove

The first Hitachi ZX350LC-5 high-reach demolition excavator in the UKHitachi High-Reach Demolition Excavator Makes UK Debut

The first Hitachi ZX350LC-5 high-reach demolition excavator in the UK has been at work on a high-profile project in Wolverhampton where the special application machine was used to demolish a four-storey office block.

With a leading reach of 23 m for an OEM machine, the excavator has a maximum tool weight of 3,000 kg. The ZX350LC-5 is the first high-reach model in RM Penny’s fleet.

He took delivery of the Zaxis-5 demolition machine in March 2014 and by April 2015 it had accrued 1,500 working hours. The demolition phase of the Wolverhampton project took ten weeks to complete.

The work had to be carried out gradually and precisely due to the scaffolding attached to the exterior walls of the building, which is adjacent to a busy main road.

The ZX350LC-5 was fitted with crusher and grapple attachments, and often operated in economy mode to ensure a high level of precision.

Operator Kevin Penny has worked with RM Penny for 35 years and is an experienced user of Hitachi construction equipment. He found the high-reach demolition model straightforward to operate. Kevin was also impressed by the Zaxis-5 excavator’s comfort and visibility.

A roof window wiper and parallel wipers on the front window ensure excellent visibility and easy cleaning, as does sufficient space between the guard and front window.

Hitachi Construction Machinery

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