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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Maximum Noise Reduction With NoisegardzMaximum Noise Reduction With Noisegardz

An advanced acoustic barrier, NoiseGardz, has been launched by Deborah Services.
Suitable for both internal and external temporary noise abatement, NoiseGardz is a fully waterproof, fire-resistant and lightweight barrier. It has a maximum attenuation rating of 35.6 dB(A), independently tested and certified to BS EN ISO 717-1:1997; BS EN ISO 345:2003; EN ISO 11654:1997 standards.

The acoustic curtains are made entirely from fire-resistant materials. When exposed to a blow torch, they continue to degrade rather than promoting the flames to spread. For convenience, eyelets positioned on all edges and Velcro seams enable it to be suspended from site fencing, scaffolding, timber hoardings and many other substrates. It flexes to countless enclosure figurations for both short and long-term applications.

Its pallet-sized, single fold design combine with its lightweight nature (5.7 kg) to ease both transport and storage.

Roger Hastie, Managing Director at Deborah Services says,

NoiseGardz is a must for any considerate contractor wanting to protect the surrounding community from noise pollution. It's quick to assemble around fans, portable compressors, generators and mechanical construction tools. We're selling it into construction and industrial sites as well as for events.

Deborah Services

Dust Suppression Solution from Altrad BelleDust Suppression Solution from Altrad Belle

ALTRAD Belle has identified the need to provide effective dust suppression on a number of its products which primarily includes compaction and cutting equipment

Dust Suppression Solution from Altrad BelleThese products all exclusively focus on wet systems that use spray to control dust. Historically this is because it's highly effective; it's often more economical than other technologies; implementation is typically fast and straightforward and it's a long term-solution that can provide years of trouble-free performance.

Increasing the water tank capacity up to 12 litres offers longer running time between refills and ensures productivity is not compromised.

An improved design allows more head of pressure to the spray-bar resulting in even more effective dust control; especially when the water level is beginning to run low.

Fitted with a quick release coupling the removable tank is ergonomically designed to make it easy to carry to the point of re-fill; and water spillage is avoided due to a larger filling point.

Made from durable material that withstands extremes of ambient temperature this new tank overcomes issues associated with steel water tanks cracking in sub-zero conditions.

Altrad Belle


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