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What’s New In Plant & Equipment

Kobelco SK260LC-10/SK260NLC-10 LatestKobelco SK260LC-10/SK260NLC-10 Latest

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. is now offering its latest “Generation 10” .

The SK260LC-10/SK260NLC-10 is the next Kobelco conventional excavator to comply with Stage 4 of the exhaust emissions regulations.

The design philosophy is in pursuit of fuel efficiency, and raising standards and performance.

Compared to previous Generation 9 equivalent model, S-mode (normal work) fuel consumption has decreased by 9%, while Eco-mode sees a 10% reduction – this represents exceptional fuel savings to the customer and is further enhanced with a 5% productivity improvement in H-mode operation.

One of the main contributors to improved fuel consumption is the implementation of a new Kobelco developed engine-cooling fan design that requires less operating energy to reduce engine workload.

The new models are powered by Hino engines incorporating DOC (Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst) and the combination of SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Altogether these key systems reduce the amount of DEF/AdBlue fluid consumption used in the post-exhaust gas system.

Advanced design technology can be found with the Kobelco Arm Interflow System (AIS). When lowering the boom, a new hydraulic regenerative system enables the boom’s weight to force hydraulic fluid to the shovel arm. This means the use of forced fluid from an external force is greatly reduced.

The upper deck has a revised layout to aid easy access to the engine compartment. At the same time the machines gain a cleaner profile. More importantly, from a safety and work point of view, the operator has a clearer view to the right hand side.

Other updates include: new compact and easily replaceable canister-type hydraulic oil return filter; a new fuel filter with greater filtration area; a new reinforced air cleaner element.

Additional operator benefits of Generation 10 include safety cabs revised to include control levers with a lighter-feel, a new ‘lock’ lever and control lever box. Additional air-conditioning vents and revised rear storage tray.

Easy and scheduled maintenance, extended service intervals and a European spare parts back-up complete the Kobelco experience.

Depending on configuration, operating weight is 25,600 kg and engine power of 137 kW. Maximum bucket capacity is 1.0 m³ heaped. Maximum digging depth is 10.98 m; maximum forward reach at ground level is 10.82 m and dump height 7.28 m.

Kobelco Construction Equipment

First New Genie SX-150 Boom Lifts In EuropeFirst New Genie SX-150 Boom Lifts In Europe

Following the global launch of the new Genie SX-150 boom lift in April, customers are now taking delivery of the first units to arrive in Europe.

Offering productivity to 48 m (157 ft) working height, horizontal outreach up to 24.38 m (80 ft) and industry-leading capacity through its full working envelope, the new SX-150 boom lift is extremely versatile.

Featuring the same field-proven XChassis design that gives Genie boom lifts excellent stability at extreme heights, the new SX-150 lift continues to combine the many practical and innovative design features that make Genie equipment so profitable, smooth and easy to service and operate.

In terms of profitability and return on investment, the machine’s four pre-programmable platform heights (46 m (151 ft), 41.2 m (135 ft), 36.6 m (120 ft) and 30.5 m (100 ft)) are a new and increasingly important feature well suited to fleet owners’ needs.

In addition to the satisfaction of end-users, this feature provides rental companies the benefit of charging the fixed rental rate according to height to optimise returns on utilization.

A compact footprint for a machine in this category, a minimal tail swing of 1.06 m (3 ft 6 in) and unrestricted 340 kg capacity across its full working envelope, allows the platform to work in restricted areas.

Genie UK

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