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Plantworx 2015 Review

Keero Sand Bed Levelling toolsSo Simple - Why Didn’t Anyone Think Of This Before?

Every now and then at exhibitions you come across a company that you have never heard of demonstrating a product that is so simple that you have to wonder why it has not been done before.

Developed by an engineer looking for a simple effective way to level sand beds, the original product was launched from a garage a few years ago and now in a production house, the Keero Sand Bed Levelling tools are gaining customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and now in the UK & Ireland. This simple but effective tool helps you with all levelling work.

A levelling blade on wheels is a simple hand pulled/pushed tool. When you pull the Keero towards you, it guarantees an accurate levelling.

There are two sizes. The smaller model is infinitely adjustable from 70 to 120 cm. The large version is infinitely adjustable from 117 to 210 cm.

The Keero is multifunctional because several parts can be mounted to the base unit:

  • Levelling blades for accurate levelling tasks, for example gardens, areas and paths prior to paving. It can also be used to evenly spread materials like gravel.
  • Roof profiles makes it possible to create a roof profile with the levelling blades. The roof profile is infinitely adjustable to the wishes of the user.
  • Radius profiles with the radius blades are a new option for the Keero. The radius blades create a spherical result. This is very useful for the paving of roads.
  • The sweeper is very useful to sweep jointing sand into the joints between the paving bricks. Due to the constant position of the sweeper, the jointing sand is evenly spread across the paving bricks.

Roopack tools where featured on the stand of the Dutch company, Giant

Roopack B.V.

Big Things in Small Packages


Another company making its first appearance at Plantworx was the Dutch company, Giant, together with its UK partner, TRP.

The company offers a broad range of small skidsteers, wheel loader, telehandlers and attachments with a difference -- they are extremely compact.

Built in Holland, the company is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe in their segment, currently building nearly 2000 Loaders a year: 36 different models from 20 to 76 horsepower engines and 750 to 5,500 kg operating weight.

Compact machines are often considered too small to be reliable. Every Giant product is covered by a 3 year warranty which should dispel any doubts.


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