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A Safer Site is a More Productive Site - continued

Camera Innovation Helps Improve Heavy Plant Safety

However, one accident is one accident too many. Lynch's objective is to create an injury-free environment and make sure everyone goes home every day. That's why they have been installing 360° vision cameras on all heavy plant over 10 tonne since April last year.

Director, Rob Lynch, said the cameras were being fitted on their excavators, telehandlers and dozers as the fleet is upgraded.

We believe companies can do more to make sites safer by improving heavy plant safety, as injuries involving large items of plant are still happening within the industry.
     We, and the rest of the industry, need to do something about it. It's an issue that needs to be taken extremely seriously.

One of our first clients to benefit from our 360° vision cameras is Skanska UK, who have made it compulsory for all heavy plant on their sites to be installed with 360° cameras.



The move, an industry first, involves cameras being fitted to the rear, front and either side of each machine, providing the operator with all round visibility. The images from the cameras are relayed to a LED camera screen that captures potential hazards within a field vision of between one and nine metres.

Dylan Roberts, Director of Health and Safety at Skanska UK, said:

We're introducing this new standard because each year there continues to be people who are killed by large items of plant or seriously injured.
     We're committed to making our sites as safe as possible and where people and plant have to work in close proximity, we believe these devices will make sites safer.

     Other major contractors such as Costain, are also adopting the policy and local authorities and transport organisations such as Transport for London, are requiring maximum safety when awarding contracts.

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