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Slipform Paver Masters A Very Special Job - page 2 of 3

At night, when traffic is lighter, lane 1 and part of lane 2 are closed to traffic to provide an access route for the construction vehicles.

Such a tricky project can only be carried out with the aid of extremely sophisticated machine technology

says Mark Gladwell. It was decided to use a Wirtgen SP 25i together with a Wirtgen ISF 25i with its independent side feeder) and is a development of the SP 25i in order to meet the special requirements. Gladwell continues:

Using the ISF 25i as an independent side feeder with pivotable conveyor was the only option available to assure the safety of the operator and of the workers on this confined job site while at the same time minimizing the nuisance to passing traffic.

Always Thinking One Step Ahead Wirtgen GmbH is committed to developing innovative solutions together with the customer so that jobs can be carried out optimally and cost-efficiently. The M6 project is a good example of this 'partnering', Wirtgen GmbH offers its customers appropriate solutions for every application, including such unconventional and unique jobs as the M6 project.

We were only able to meet these unique requirements and ensure that this demanding order could be optimally implemented with the special machine technology which was proposed by Wirtgen and then ultimately used for the job,

says Dom Egan, Site Manager at Extrudakerb Ltd. The Wirtgen experts' years of experience in practical applications on site proved decisive here.

And to ensure that everything proceeded smoothly from the outset, a fitter from the Wirtgen German headquarters and another from the Wirtgen Group's British subsidiary ,Wirtgen Ltd, were on hand when the job site was set up and on the following days. From then on, the service technician from Wirtgen Ltd. was available on call at any time to support the customer promptly on site whenever needed.

Wirtgen SP 25i was used on the M6 motorway near Cannock together with a Wirtgen ISF 25i (independent side feeder) in order to pave a concrete slab under exceedingly difficult conditions.

Paving Concrete In Challenging Conditions

The project encompassed 16 km of new roadway, approximately 3 m wide and 300 mm deep.

Wirtgen SP 25i was used on the M6 motorway near Cannock together with a Wirtgen ISF 25i (independent side feeder) in order to pave a concrete slab under exceedingly difficult conditions.



In total, around 14,000 m³ concrete of quality class C50 was delivered to the site on a 'just-in-time' basis by Lafarge Tarmac from their mixing plant in Walsall using specially modified 8 m³ concrete mixer trucks.

These special trucks are equipped with GPS and an automatic system which monitors and adjusts the consistency of the concrete in order to ensure that exactly the required concrete quality is delivered at the right moment in time. On arrival at the job site, the concrete is transferred over the top of the temporary steel barrier into the hopper of the ISF 25i and from there to the slab paving kit of the slipform paver via two synchronized conveyors.

As a result, around 32 m³ of concrete were paved per hour, making almost 200 m³ per six-hour shift. The work was undertaken in 12 consecutive shifts followed by two rest days.

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