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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Warner Linear cuts downtime for off-highway vehicle maintenance

Warner Linear has supplied its S-Track linear actuators to a well-respected manufacturer of off-highway vehicles for use on a line of wheeled loaders. The actuators are used to facilitate fast and reliable bucket replacement on-site to minimise vehicle downtime.

The Warner actuators were chosen for their robust design and operational flexibility, which made them the ideal solution for use within the demanding environments of the construction industry.

The manufacturer approached Warner Linear to see if it could offer an alternative for the traditional hydraulic cylinders that are used for locking pins when replacing excavator buckets on site.

The vehicles were often operating in extremely low temperatures which led to the cylinders freezing in place – creating excessive downtime. Warner Linear was asked to find a solution which could operate in these conditions and deliver fast and reliable operation at all times.

S-Track actuators from Warner Linear were specified because of their easy-to-use, remote operation which allows the operator to quickly activate them from inside the cab. The actuators are approved for operation in temperatures up to -40°C, making them more reliable in cold weather applications.

Even in less extreme temperatures they offer greater reliability than their hydraulic counterparts thanks to a position feedback interface which alerts the operator if a pin is not locked correctly.
The actuators feature a 180 kg maximum dynamic and static load rating, 0.6 cm/sec speed rating and a 40 cm maximum stroke length with end-of-stroke limits. Enhanced control allows for 12 or 24 VDC switched power operation of the actuators by turning power off to the motor automatically when the internal end limits are reached.

An integral MP150 Metri-Pack 8-pin moulded connector allows several standard input and output features to monitor the operation of the actuator – including motor thermal and current overload protection.

Warner Linear

Enhanced Safety from Elite GSS

Elite GSS is offering enhanced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) surpassing standards required under the provision of PPE at Work Regulations 1992 and timed to coincide with the company rebranding.

Now all WJ hi visibility clothing incorporates the latest VizLite Dual Technology for improved safety.

VizLite combines two technologies, retro-reflectivity and photo luminescence. Retro Reflective tape returns light to its source and Photo Luminescence crystals absorb UV energy that is then emitted as a light source in low light or zero light conditions.

The initial afterglow provides visibility of 1830 mcd/lux m² with an extinction time for afterglow to diminish to 0.32 mcd/lux/m² or about 100 times limit of human perception which is 480 minutes (8 hours).

The new safety garments are certified to meet the requirements of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002 and conform to international specifications for Hi Visibility Clothing EN ISO.

These newly branded and enhanced hi visibility garments incorporating this unique extra layer of safety as standard, giving the wearer 3 levels of protection – Fluorescence, Reflectivity and Phosphorescence.

Elite GSS


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