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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Wirtgen Goes More Compact with W 35 Ri

Wirtgen Goes More Compact with W 35 RiThe latest addition to the Wirtgen line of milling machines is a departure from what is normally envisaged - large tracked road milling machines.

The company refers to the latest introduction as 'A small machine with a big impact' which neatly sums up the new W 35 Ri.

This is the third model in the new generation of small milling machines. It follows on the heels of the 50 cm milling machines, the W 50 Ri and W 60 Ri, which have now been successfully launched.

Small milling machine. High performance
Whether it's cutting out small areas for partial roadway rehabilitations, milling around manhole covers or applying or removing road markings, the versatile milling machine has the right solution to meet every challenge.

is perfect when paired with large milling machines. With its low weight, the W 35 Ri easy-to-transport and highly mobile machine is cost-effective option for small reworking applications.

It has a much smaller milling radius than its predecessor in both the clockwise and the anticlockwise direction. As a result, swift turning and manoeuvring on the job site are now even greater strengths.

Equipped with a 45-KW Deutz engine in line with the latest emission standards, EU Stage 4 / US Tier 4 Final, the W 35 Ri, the electronic engine control makes for a particularly responsive engine with excellent torque characteristics.

At the same time, three variably selectable milling drum speeds ensure a wide range of applications.

As a result, milling jobs involving milling depths of up to 110 mm at a working width of 350 mm can be carried out quickly, efficiently and perfectly in line with the application.

Wirtgen can also supply the smallest milling machine with a 500 mm milling drum on request. Prompted by the high engine output, many customers have already been fitting the preceding model with the wider milling drum to extend the machine's range of applications.

the W 35 Ri is simple to operateIntuitive operation optimizes work steps

Like the 50 cm and 1 m milling machines in Wirtgen's generation of small, compact milling machines, the W 35 Ri is simple to operate.

The smallest Wirtgen milling machine allows operators to save up to three milling depths.
Another new feature is the integration of the Wirtgen machine management system WIDRIVE, which was previously only used in larger milling machines but now links the main machine functions on the W 35 Ri, too. As a result, such systems as the diesel engine control, travel drive, milling drum drive, water system or LEVEL PRO Plus are controlled centrally.

This can eliminate some 50% of the manual interventions the operator would previously have had to perform to control the machine and coordinate individual work steps during the milling process.
For the first time ever, the levelling system LEVEL PRO PLUS is now also available for the smallest of Wirtgen's cold milling machines.

Wirtgen UK


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