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An Iconic Structure - Lune West Bridge - page 4 of 5

The massive bridge beams weighed up to 360 t and were positioned using the Gotowald AK680. Photo: Ian Taylor

The massive bridge beams weighed up to 360 t and were positioned using the Gotowald AK680.
Photo: Ian Taylor

Huge Public Interest

Costain’s Community Relations Officer, Tom Horton said:

We know there is lots of interest in the Lune West Bridge as it marks a significant milestone in the delivery of the scheme.
     We deliberately kept the fencing open rather than solid, so that people were able to see first-hand the enormity of the cranes and bridge sections, as well as the operations themselves.

The new £124.5 m link road will connect the Heysham peninsula directly to the M6, providing better access to Morecambe and industrial areas which include the Port of Heysham and the Heysham power stations. It will also reduce congestion in the Lancaster area especially on Caton Road, Morecambe Road and the Greyhound and Skerton bridges.

Sarens Gottwald AK680-3

Currently the UK's largest mobile crane - a 1,200 tonne capacity Gottwald AK680-3 - will complete a series of lifts as part of a £124.5 million project.

The crane is owned and operated by the UK arm of Belgium based transport and heavy lifting specialist Sarens. The unit travels and works all over the world and has been on contracts as far afield as Thailand and Argentina.

Rigged with a 89 metre main boom, 43 metre back mast and almost 600 tonnes of counterweight, The AK680 will move over 2300 tonnes of steel bridge sections each ranging from 160 to 360 tonnes. Its boom can raise a 100 tonne weight to a radius of 100 m.

Chris Horan, Sarens UK Project Manager said:

There were several reasons for using a truck crane rather than a crawler. The truck mounted crane is much faster to rig and de-rig which was paramount with lifts each side of the River Lune within such a tight deadline. Although now more than 30 years old, the 1200 tonne capacity crane has recently been totally refurbished and still remains the strongest crane of this category.

Other Sections of the Project

Major progress is now being seen on Costain’s Heysham to M6 Link Road project in Lancashire, as work continues rapidly on both roadworks and structures.

We had a massively successful first year of earthworks, moving just over 1 million m³ of material, with around another 700,000 m³ planned for this year. We really started to ramp that up into April.
      The structures are steadily going up at several locations, we have started to lay Tarmac at major junctions such as Morecambe Road and we’ve diverted over 20,000 metres of cables and pipes belonging to utility companies.

said Community Relations Officer, Tom Horton.

Among the structures, eight 42 m steel beams have been installed at the Folly railway bridge, which crosses the West Coast Main Line. Work on the bridge deck is now underway during a series of Saturday night possessions of the railway.

The Milestone Canal bridge comprises a series of 30 m precast concrete spans

The Milestone Canal bridge comprises a series of 30 m precast concrete spans
lifted into position using Liebherr telescopic cranes.

Additionally, a series of 30 m precast concrete spans have been installed over the Lancaster Canal for the new Milestone Canal Bridge, with backfill, a saddle and bridge deck next to be installed. The bridge will be the longest-span twin precast arch beam bridge in the UK.

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