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What's New In Plant & Equipment

New JCB Midis Waiting In The Wings - continued

New JCB Midis Waiting In The WingsThe machines are available with a twin locking, factory-fitted quickhitch system, incorporating flashing red LED warning light on the boom, indicating quickhitch operation in progress.

Robust Digging Equipment

The machines feature a sturdy kingpost design with widely spaced bearings to prevent wear.

In addition, JCB midi excavators use a new graphite-based pin and bush design delivering 500 hour greasing intervals, for reduced daily maintenance and lower operating costs.

The machines will also be available from the factory with a roto/tilt function installed ready for use with a number of rotating and tilting bucket mount systems.

The digging equipment has individual hydraulic piping for easy maintenance and hose replacement. Twin auxiliary circuits will be available and operators will be able to programme individual hydraulic flow settings for attachments through the in-cab monitor, making it easier and faster to change between powered attachments such as breakers and grapples

Comfortable Operator Environment

The sturdy midi excavator cab, which is now built in-house, delivers 6% more space and 11% more visibility than on previous machines. The conventional, and zero tailswing models share the same cab structure, featuring flat glazing all round for ease of repair.

The sturdy JCB midi excavator cab, which is now built in-house, delivers 6% more space and 11% more visibility than on previous machines.A revised heating and ventilation system, with optional air conditioning, offers greatly improved airflow throughout the cab, improving operator comfort and rapidly clearing windscreens in colder months.

The ROPS/FOPS cab is available with optional FOGS guards at level 1 and level 2, while the large cab door sits within the counterweight slew area, even on the zero tailswing model.

The machine features ‘auto idle’ that can be set by the operator to activate after 2-30 seconds without using the levers. There are also two digging modes, including an ECO mode for maximum efficiency, or a Heavy mode for increased productivity, tailoring the machine’s performance to the application.

The cab incorporates an ergonomic switch layout and a new full colour LCD display screen, with an additional monitor for a rear view camera. There is plenty of in-cab stowage and the machines come with a 12 V phone charger and a cup holder.

Rapid Travel Capability

The midi excavators sit on an all-new H-pattern track frame, with an open design and sloping side frames for easy cleaning. The tracks, with longer frames, deliver improved strength and stability and both machines can be ordered with steel, rubber or road liner (GeoGrip) tracks.

Tracking speeds have been increased from a maximum of 4.2 km/h to 5 km/h, allowing faster repositioning on site and cutting downtime.

The machines also benefit from a completely redesigned dozer blade and arms. The blade profile has been optimised for smooth material flow and there is no requirement for strengthening gusset on the rear, allowing easy cleaning of the machine.

Reduced Ownership Costs

The JCB 86C-1 and 85Z-1 feature 100% pressed steel body panels, delivering sturdy component protection and easy repair. The midi excavators benefit from improvements in their SAE service and maintenance rating, thanks in part to the tilting cab and repositioned components.

With lower fuel consumption and 500 hour greasing, ownership and operating costs will be impressively reduced.
The new JCB compact excavators have a cab structure that can be tilted by 30º to allow access to hoses and hydraulic components, for repair and maintenance. JCB has also improved the grouping of components to reduce maintenance times.



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