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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
How Liebherr
GB Approaches
Hillhead 2014 has established itself
as a viable event on the marketing
calendar for suppliers to the
quarrying and associated industries.
Since its inception in 1984, it has
grown event by event by number of
visitors and by number of exhibitors.
With the increasing number
of trade events, however, few
companies can afford the cost of
participating at every trade event.
So what makes Hillhead so special?
is the question that Contractors World
Magazines put to
and Communications Manager for
Liebherr Great Britain
on their ap-
proach to exhibitions.
As David explained, it is not as simple
as just looking at the cost, the show needs
to deliver value to both the visitors and
the exhibitors.
“Liebherr is traditionally cautious to
participate in a launch event even though
there is the argument that there will be
the curiosity factor to attract people.
“An important consideration for
Liebherr is the large number of industry
sectors in which they are involved, it would
be very difficult to attend all the shows
that run.
“Many of these sectors have a finite
number of customers,where the customer
base is clearly defined so the opportunity
to grow the customer base is restricted
(i.e. tower cranes or piling machines).“
So what criteria does the company
apply in the UK?
Trade shows are complex in terms of
marketing, they present many opportu-
nities to exhibitors and there will be a
number of objectives.
David Croft understands the need to
have a presence at key events to promote
the brand/company values to visitors.
What will make Hillhead a suc-
cessful show for Liebherr GB?
David explains that the success of a show
is measured in many different ways.
Sales of course are important but so is
education, new contacts, renewing existing
relationships, showing new technology and
the way in which the company is viewed by
The Liebherr range covers many facets
of the industry, some with a higher profile
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