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Shorflo Triumphs at
Watford Dewatering
Shorflo has supplied four Super-silent diesel pumps
to help Dyer & Butler underpin bridge foundations
in the River Gade atWatford.
The project, for client London Underground,
involved installing reinforced concrete slab founda-
tions under the second arch of a four-arch brick-
built bridge which carries the Metropolitan Line
over the fast-flowing river.
Over the years the River has scoured the founda-
tions which has resulted in the need to strengthen
the structure. A coffer wall isolated the area, al-
lowing for strengthening of the bridge foundations
with a 20 m long reinforced concrete slab.
AFI Machines Help
To Complete Bridge
Boom and scissor lifts fromAFI were hired
by contractors, Pyeroy, working on one of
Tyneside’s Scotswood Bridge in Newcastle.
They used two Genie S-65 boom lifts
and two Skyjack SJ6826 scissors lifts to
carry out repairs to concrete, steelwork
and parapets and paint approximately
14,500 m² of the bridge’s structure using
about 4,000 litres of paint.
AFI undertook a site survey before
specifying the boom and scissor lifts for
the contract and also provided Pyeroy
personnel with machine familiarisation
Pyeroy Group Technical Director
Brendan Fitzsimons said: “The machines
specified were the perfect size for the
job and provided our contractors with
safe, easy access to the steelwork on the
Safe access routes for pedestrian and
cyclists were maintained at all times.
Page 12
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 2
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