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One of the UK’s fastest growing ports, the
Port of Workington in West Cumbria, has
further boosted its £5.7m improvement pro-
gramme with the purchase of a large, fully
mobile, high-capacity, long-reach wheeled
Fuchs MHL 385. This versatile specialist
machine was purchased from distributor
Blue Fuchs, a member of the Blue Group of
Port of Workington’s Operations and
Safety manager Liam McAleavey reports
that they are delighted with their new Fuchs
acquisition, particularly focussing on the
excellent performance and the impressive
elevating and forward-reaching cab which
provides the operator with a raised line of
sight, so important for the safe and efficient
extraction of cargoes from vessels’ holds by
giving a clear view right into the depths of
the hold itself.
The new machine was delivered with its
own 4 m³ clamshell bucket, which is aug-
mented by Port of Workington’s own spe-
cialist attachments which include hook, bale
clamp and pulp spreader beam.
Vessels of between 2000 and 8000
tonnes are being unloaded by the Fuchs,
with annual volumes of 20,000 tonnes
of gypsum, 50,000 tonnes of wood pulp,
24,000 tonnes of SRF and seasonally var-
iable loads of fertiliser and animal feed
being the main cargoes.
The Fuchs MHL 385 was selected after an
extensive and stringent tendering process,
following strict protocols.
The handler is specifically designed and
built for port and scrap-handling duties.
Robust in construction, mounted on a heavy-
duty 8-wheeled chassis with four hydraulic
outriggers for added stability on static
duties, it is agile around the site with a 9.9
m turning radius.
Weighing in at around 75 tonnes the ma-
chine is powered by a low emissions, fuel-
efficient V6 Deutz diesel engine which de-
velops 273 kW at 1800 RPM.
Travel drive is hydrostatic with infinitely
variable speeds of up to 8 kmh. Lift capac-
ities are 29 tonnes maximum to 6.5 tonnes
at 22 m working radius. The cab boom pro-
vides a raised line of sight up to 8.5 m for
the operator, together with a 4.5 m reach
over the vessel being unloaded for optimum
hold and hatch visibility; cab entry and exit
for the operator is at ground level.
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