Contractors World UK & Ireland Edition Vol 4 No 1 - page 6

Safedems VTN MT20 heads another mission
to demolish the high rises of Scotland.
Following their recent purchase of the
VTN MT20 multiprocessor, ECY Haulmark
were keen to catch up with Dundee based
company Safedem to witness first hand just
how they are putting the versatile multipro-
cessor to work.
Having been awarded the contract to
strip out and demolish 20 Rosemount Street,
Roystonhill, Glasgow, one of three blocks in
this area scheduled for demolition between
now and 2015, they used the newly pur-
fitted with a 34 m high
used as the carrier for the 2000 kg crusher.
The VTN MT20 has a jaw opening width
of 860 mm and is equipped with inter-
changeable jaws, making it the ideal tool
to use where there is a variety of different
materials to process. It proved its value on
this job tackling concrete and rebar in
one cut.
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Safedem’s VTNMT20
heads another mission to
demolish the high rises of
Page 6
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 1
Lanes ‘takes the
waters’ at Buxton
Lanes Group engineers have been called in
to survey and clean the drainage system for
Buxton Pump Room as part of an ambitious
plan to create only the second genuine spa
hotel in the UK in more than 100 years.
Ian Clapham, Lanes Group Area
Development Manager for the North West,
said: ““The drainage system was not hugely
extensive, but some of the pipes were the
original ones, installed when the pump
room was first built. VINCI Construction
UK needed to establish the condition of the
system as part of its preparation for reno-
vating the building.”
The Lanes team used a 2,000 gallon jet
vacuumation unit to cleanse the drainage
system. Then, a ROVVER pan-and-tilt robotic
camera was used to survey the main drain
pipes, and a pushrod camera to inspect the
rainwater downpipes and gully pipes.
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