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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 1
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Editorial Comment
Extreme Weather Shows the
Best of The Industry
Not for the past 250 years has parts of the
UK experienced such severe and prolonged
weather causing massive floods, tidal surges
and damage to flood protection systems.
The extreme weather also highlighted the lack of
investment in maintaining river flow. The lack of dredging has
seen the flow in some rivers seriously reduced. Now is the time
remedial action.
However, before such works can commence, people across
the construction and utilities companies have worked through
the extreme weather to restore power; put in place high capacity
pumps and made temporary repairs to damaged structures and
sea defences.
Contractors and equipment suppliers have responded com-
mendably to the situation and I am happy to report on some of
the work they are doing in this issue. On behalf of those effected,
a big “Thank you and congratulations.”
Whatever Happened to Business Ethics?
Have you noticed how business manners and basic ethics seem
to be disappearing? Messages left on answer machines are not
returned. Many web sites have no contact details, just a form
which often goes unanswered. Emails are not replied to or even
Because I have not had replies to emails or telephone calls, I
have had to exclude some very interesting industry news from some
of the industries biggest players. It is dangerous (and potentially
very costly) to publish information without first seeking clarification.
Fortunately, there is enough editorial available to fill the magazine
twice over so it is their loss.
I find this growing attitude increasingly annoying and rude.
Is this the way they treat potential customers? The bigger the
company, the worse the offender.
I will never understand such “Don’t call us. We will call you”
Just as annoying are the patronising cold telephone calls where
little respect or common courtesy is shown to the person being
Roger Lindley
Publisher / Editor
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