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Land & Water supplied both day and night
shift operators, who, at very short notice,
cancelled all other plans for the weekend.
This enabled the machine to work 24
hours a day until late on Sunday when the
works were complete. The excavator was
cleaned and loaded back onto overnight
transport to be back on the original cus-
tomer’s site for Monday Morning – almost
as if it had never been away!
Richard Houghton, Operations Manager
at the Environment Agency said, “These
flood defences could not have been repaired
without this specialist plant and the Land &
Water team behind it.
“We were impressed with the immediate
response we received from them - especially
at the point of enquiry where by thinking
outside the box (instead of saying the ma-
chine wasn’t available) – they found a way
to make the machine available.
“With a fantastic team effort between the
Land & Water team and my own team, the
job was completed safely, quickly and in a
way that was extremely sensitive to natural
environment around us. And a special thank
you to a very understanding customer from
whom we, literally, took the machine from
under his nose.”
Residents of Walberswick, Suffolk are reminded of the
height of the flood in 1953.
Phopto:: Nigel Chadwick
London’s Victorian sewerage system was designed to overflow into the River Thames
during extreme weather when the sewers reached capacity, to prevent homes and
streets from flooding.
© Thames Water 2013
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 1
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