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pecialist plant hirer, Land & Water
were contacted by A-Plant and the
Environment Agency around midday
on Thursday 12th December immediately
after the first big tidal surge of the winter.
It was with an urgent request to supply
a very specialized machine to repair flood
defences that had been damaged during the
recent storm.
Failure to repair the defences could have
resulted in another significant risk of flooding
in and around Walberswick in Suffolk.
Due to the challenging environment, the
only equipment that could be used to make
the repair was an amphibious excavator - a
specially configured Hitachi Zaxis 70 with 10
m and 0.40 m³ bucket - which could travel
over the very soft and flooded local terrain
to repair the breached sea wall.
Land & Water’s amphibious machine was
working on another customer’s site at the
time and careful discussions were had with
the other client who, appreciating the risk
to people’s houses, agreed to allow Land &
Water to have the machine for the weekend
to assist at Walberswick.
Wheels were imme-
diately set in motion with
the Environment Agency
arranging their own
emergency crew and
associated equipment
whilst Land & Water had
to collect the Machine
on Friday afternoon (the
very next day).
It then travelled over-
night to Walberswick to
allow it to be unloaded
by 08:00 on Saturday
To ensure the works
were completed on time,
Emergency Response
to Tidal Surge
River Wall breach in the river wall between Walberswick
and the sea.
Photo: Roger Miller
Page 20
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 1
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