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Putzmeister BSF3614H with a 36
boom pump to deliver concrete across a
distance of some 160 metres alongside two
static Putzmeister pumps, with work carried
out 24 hours a day by four men working 12
hour shifts.
Pump operators slept in their cars next to
the equipment while waiting for the latest
storm to abate before beginning work as
soon as it was safe to do so.
Army Intervention
On February 6th. Prime Minister David
Cameron said: “I have chaired another
COBRA meeting this evening to ensure we
continue to do everything possible to help
communities affected by these storms.
“Today, Royal Marine Commandos from
Taunton have been deployed in Somerset to
fill sandbags and provide relief to the local
emergency services, as more bad weather is
“The Environment Agency has ordered
specialist pumping equipment to clear roads,
in addition to the extra pumps we have al-
ready sent, and they will keep looking at
all options for pumping and
dredging. In Dawlish, National
Rail is undertaking a full in-
spection of the railway line and
working with Army engineers
on options to shore up the
damaged section: a regular rail
replacement service is now in
“Across the country another
£30m will be spent on urgent flood de-
fence repairs this year, on top of the £100m
next year which I announced yesterday.
“I want to reassure everyone affected by
these terrible storms that we will continue to
keep up our urgent response and help get
them back on the move.”
Dutch High Power Pumps
On Wednesday the 5th of February,
Managing Director Jeroen Van Heck, who
had travelled to England to assess the sit-
uation, got the direct go ahead from the
Environment Agency to ship 13 pumps
with pipe work to the flooded lowlands in
Four hours later the first lorry was loaded
and making its way to the ferry to England.
Installation of the first pumps started early
on Friday morning.
It soonbecame apparent thatmore pumps
would be needed at different locations and
loading continued over the weekend.
At the present moment Van Heck has
shipped more than 20 pumps using more
than 30 lorries to flood ridden Somerset.
With more bad weather forecast, it is likely
that even more may be needed.
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 1
As National Rail cope with railtrack washouts,
the Dutch heavy duty pumping specialists de-
liver a fleet of pumps to the Somerset Levels
to help shift the many millions of gallons of
standing water
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