Contractors World UK & Ireland Edition Vol 4 No 1 - page 16

s the time line shows, engineers
wasted no time in responding to
the major railtrack incident caused
at Dawlish by the recent storms.
Engineers have been working through
the night at Dawlish, Devon, to shore up
a seriously damaged section of sea wall
before another Atlantic storm system was
As a result of the force of the sea surge,
waves and gale force winds, around 80 m
of sea wall was destroyed by high tides and
stormy seas, causing a significant stretch of
railway to collapse into the sea. The force
was so strong that it actually demolished the
sea defences and completely undermined
the railway track, leaving it suspended in
the air.
The road adjacent to the
railway and several houses
were also damaged, along
with damage at Dawlish
station itself and several other
sites in the area. Some struc-
tures have been left in a very
precarious state.
Initial works saw the rails
and sleepers cut away from
the hole and removed. That
Rapid Response to Vital
Rail Wash Out
Network Rail
engineers begin
work to try to stop
further damage at
Page 16
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 1
Ferocious waves driven by storm-force
winds and tidal surges breach the sea
defences protecting the vital rail route to
the South West.
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