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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 4 No 1
to the centre of Stalybridge
near Manchester.
Extensive pre-demolition
survey and identification
work began in June 2013,
along with the appointment
of a demolition contractor.
ation itself commenced in
September and ran ahead of
its scheduled mid December
completion date.
As with many other de-
commissioning projects, it
posed a range of technically
difficult challenges including
the removal of hazardous
materials from the 1950s
manufacturing site.
It also involves the re-
covery of process plant and
equipment for re-use and
the removal of associated
utilities equipment, pipe-
bridges, cables, pipework
and process plant structures,
tank farms, workshops, lab-
oratories and offices.
The location, adjacent
to the River Tame and the
Huddersfield Canal, live
railway lines as well as a
primary school and busy
public highway, presented
many additional logistical
the removal of 2 bridges
spanning the river.
Vertical access
anytime, anywhere
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