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Specialist waste and recycling company
Dunmow Waste Management has added a
JCB 457 HT Wastemaster wheeled loader
to its growing fleet, to handle an increasing
volume of material at its Chelmsford, Essex
head office site.
Painted in Dunmow’s distinctive white
livery, with highly visual red chevrons at the
rear, the machine is equipped with super
arms, a 4.5 m³
toe-tip bucket and
solid tyres. The
loader also comes
with a full rear
auto lubrication, a
weighing system,
fire suppression
and a deluxe oper-
ator’s seat.
Dunmow has
chosen to specify
the machine with
the optional five-
speed ZF transmis-
sion with lock-up torque converter, which
locks the transmission in every gear from
second to fifth to prevent losses and reduce
fuel consumption. However, while this trans-
mission has been primarily designed to
provide maximum efficiency on longer load
and carry operations, the company is not
looking for maximum travel speeds.
Getting down to details pays
Instead directors Sam Malins and Edward
Barnes calculate that third gear in the five-
speed transmission is lower than third gear
in the four-speed box, which was used on the
firm’s previous 456 loader. This lower ratio
allows the operator touse thirdgear smoothly
and productively within Dunmow’s recycling
operation, reducing fuel consumption and
increasing performance.
“The main benefit is the torque lock-up
from second gear, so there is no wastage,”
says Mr Barnes. “Third gear in the four-
speed transmission was too high, so the
machine was too fast. This option preserves
the tyres and reduces fuel consumption. The
operator is very happy with it, it’s a lot more
nimble and so smooth. We hope to get a 5%
fuel improvement in the long term. It’s never
going to be 20-30%, but 10 litres per day is
all worth it.
Dunmow Waste Management has been
in the waste and recycling business since
1992, mainly in skip hire and waste disposal,
serving construction, demolition, domestic
and local authority customers. With 70 staff
operating throughout North London and
Essex, Dunmow has a licence to handle up
to 150,000 tonnes of waste material at the
Chelmsford site each year. The company is
Choosing the Right Gear Delivers Productivity
Benefit For Dunmow Waste
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