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Warrior 1400X Saving Time And Money
For Sutton Services
Sutton Services Limited recently bought
and installed their first Warrior 1400X in
their UK site.
The machine is processing Arising’s
C&D waste from a recycling site in Ipswich,
New features on the Warrior 1400X
have already lead to an increase in
productivity and improved fuel efficiency
for Sutton.
Glenn Sutton, Director, said, “We
feel this machine is now way ahead of
anything else on the market. With the new
screen media set up, we have definitely seen a 25-30% reduction in the need for crushing,
this drives down our operational costs while increasing our production ability. Compared
to the previous machine we were operating, we have seen a 10% reduction in set up and
take down time. There is also noise reduction making this a suitable machine to use in the
middle of a city.”
“We have recorded a vast improvement in the middle grade quality, they can send
the mid-grade product straight to stockpile as these are correctly sized, the media now
ensures that the fines are not piggy backing on paving slabs or kerbing
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at both Heathrow and Gatwick. These trials
proved that these Genie models were ideal
for low level access to their fleet of aircraft.
British Airways has been using a wide
range of Genie access platforms for many
years, where they have earned a tremen-
dous reputation for ease of use, reliability
and safety.
The outcome of the trials proved the
very compact Genie GR-15 Runabout offers
quick access into the wheel bay of a Boeing
747 and larger aircraft in the fleet, and
access to the underside of wings, including
leading and trailing edges of all aircraft
types. It also reaches all aircraft surfaces
up to 6.47 m (20 ft 8 in). One of the latest
models in the Genie range, the GR-26J was
chosen for its versatility and the ability to lift
two people to a maximum reach height of
9.90 m (32 ft 6 in), it will access wing, fuse-
lage and stabilisers on most aircraft types.
The Genie GS-2032 and GS-2632
scissor is the work horse of many hangars
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