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loading apparatus to service an increase in
volume, but for whom space presents an
issue at their West Bromwich facility.
BCR Global collates and recycles
unwanted but wearable clothes, shoes and
fabrics, in order that they might be used
abroad - providing clothing to those without
the means or access to acquire new.
Thorworld Industries was asked to suggest
an appropriate loading and unloading solu-
tion for BCR’s West Bromwich facility, which
does not contain a permanent loading bay.
John Meale, Managing Director of
Thorworld explains: “Space is at a premium
for BCR, so ramp manoeuvrability and
storage are both key to the organisation’s
loading needs. By assessing the company’s
requirements we could see that a traditional
yard ramp, which can only be towed
forwards and backwards would be diffi-
cult to store, and therefore inappropriate
- so we recommended the inclusion
of lateral ramp equipment within their
“This type of loading apparatus, with
its telescopic legs, allows the ramp to be
lowered, then pushed or pulled to the
side and stowed away, making it ideal
for BCR.”
Commenting further with regard to
the new equipment Jason Mowatt, Transport
Manager at BCR Global said: “Our busi-
ness is constantly growing, requiring a
fast and efficient level of operation at our
end. As such, our previous loading func-
tion, of using a rented ramp with limited
mobility became inappropriate, and a new
method that would better accommodate
our changing volume and associated pace
was needed.”
Jason continues: “We’re delighted with
the decision to work with Thorworld, as the
ramps are great and ideal for the job. The
lateral wheels make them very easy to use,
and it takes no more than five minutes to
take the ramp from the wall, set it up and
simply start unloading. Brilliant.”
British Airways and
Working at Height
British Airways have placed an order with
UK based access platform specialists,
Working At Height Limited, following a
competitive tender.
Working At Height Limited worked
closely with British Airways for 12 months
prior to the order being placed for a total
of 35. This work included extensive trials
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
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