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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
New A.R.B Tri-axle
Stepframe Plant &
Machinery Trailer
• Length 13.6m
• LED Lights
• Other Options Available on Request
Telephone +44 (0)1902 397216
Model: SPM UK 6 R
Face lift for Genie
Scissor Lifts
As part of its continuous improvement plan,
Terex Aerial Work Platforms has made
a major investment to improve the paint
process at its scissor production facility in
Coventry, England. Customers will benefit
from this new paint process integrated into
the production of the Genie electric scissor
lift models.
Improvements to the paint process
includes a new washing treatment to better
prepare the equipment before applying
paint and the paint itself. The main technical
advantages for our customers are cleaner
components, better paint adhesion, and
improved rust protection.
The Coventry facility manufactures
Genie scissor lifts sold in the Europe, Africa
and Middle East regions. Further changes
recently implemented at the site also include
notable mechanical cleaning improvements
to remove carbon edges as a result of laser-
cutting. New chemical pre-treatments are
also being used to reinforce the adhesion of
paint coatings to the machines’ bodywork
giving long-term protection
What’s New In Plant & Equipment
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