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Mammoet has successfully developed and
tested the Mammoet Terminal Crane 15
(MTC15) which instantly transforms any
general port into a heavy lift terminal.
The MTC15 is a mobile terminal crane
with a capacity of 600 tons and a load
moment of 15,000 ton meters = 500 metric
tons @ 30 meters.
The model is a fully-containerized heavy
lifting device developed with the purpose of
providing general ports with heavy lift capa-
bilities in a matter of days. Mobilization and
demobilization is very efficient and it can be
operated in any port capable of receiving
This solution minimizes the need for self-
geared cargo vessels and eliminates the use
of floating cranes. Moreover, the MTC15
is a sustainable, cost-saving solution since
it can use local resources such as water or
sand for its ballast.
This feature eliminates the need for oper-
ators to ship hundreds of tons of ballast to
the port where the crane is in operation.
The MTC15’s load moment capacity is
equal to a large 1,200 metric ton crawler
crane, making it equally ideal for loading
and off-loading heavy items such as
columns, vessels, reels, project cargo and
engines without the need to reinforce the
Patrick van derMeide, Senior Commercial
Manager at Mammoet said “Due to popular
demand, Mammoet is currently developing
a skid track, making it possible to move the
MTC15 parallel to the quay.
“Mammoet is open to discussing other,
specialized alterations to the MTC15 with
customers, to meet their logistical supply
chain requirements.”
New Terminal
Crane 15 Is
Page 48
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