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the need to fit a blanking mat on the bottom
screen deck.
The Powerscreen jaw chamber has
hydraulically adjustable Closed Side Setting
(CSS), which can be adjusted in a matter
of minutes by a single operator without
requiring tools.
The hydraulic release chamber option
(Premiertrak R300 crusher) incorporates
the proven hydraulic release mechanism
to allow the chamber to ‘dump’ and pass
un-crushable material; this is ideal for recy-
cling applications.
A hydraulically adjustable deflector plate
is an option for recycling applications.
The machine is highly versatile as it
also incorporates a new lock-out function
to allow the operator to work in hard rock
quarry applications with the same chamber.
The new hopper design incorporates a
complete hydraulic fold and lock system
which removes the need for manual wedges
and can be raised/ lowered from ground
level removing the need to work at height
and providing rapid setup times. Full hopper
extensions are an option to further increase
The latest jaw crusher from Powerscreen
features a hydraulically lowering product
conveyor with 3.5 m (11’ 6”) discharge
height for easy removal of trapped metal
in recycling applications and features full
tunnelling to reducing snagging of rebar.
The machine has been designed with
transport in mind, The highly compact trans-
port envelope means savings on shipping
costs and times. It weighs approximately
32,400 kg (35.7 US Tons) and features two
speed tracking for optimum
An intuitive control panel
allows machine settings
to be changed easily and
provides excellent diag-
nostics for fault finding if
The Premiertrak 300 can
be powered by a Tier 3/
Stage IIIA-compliant CAT
C9 Acert 205 kW (275 hp)
engine. Another option is
a Tier 4 Final compliant
Scania DC9 80A 202 kW
(272 hp) engine which
is designed to run at the
optimum speeds to reduce
fuel consumption and noise pollution.
Drive to the crushing chamber can be by
either ‘Direct’ clutch drive for increased fuel
efficiency or via a Hydrostatic system (Tier 4
only) to allow the option of reverse running
or unblocking.
V-Belt adjustment on both variants is
via a single adjustment screw which can
be completed in a matter of minutes. Fuel
efficiency coupled with a large fuel tank
capacity allows for longer shifts between
The Trakpactor 320SR is a
mid-sized horizontal impact crusher.
Page 46
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
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