Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6 - page 43

To increase and strengthen its product offering BSP
International Foundations (BSP), has announced the
launch of a new range of powerful, yet lightweight
hammers which provide greater stability to piling rigs,
especially in applications where a greater reach is
Designated the LX range and comprising three
models, the new hammers also provide an economical
solution for the installation of all types of piles. The
three hammers, LX30, LX40 and LX50, are capable of
driving steel, concrete or timber piles in a variety of soil
Major features include total control of hammer stroke and blow rate; precise matching
of energy to suit the pile driving requirements while a highly efficient hydraulic system gives
low energy loss and a low running cost.
Other important features include optimum power to weight ratio and due to the cage
and dropweight design the hammers have a short overall length. Design of the cylinder,
dropweight connection and shock absorber provide easy access for maintenance. The
hammers can be fitted with a single acting hydraulic system to give an equivalent stroke of
800 mm or alternatively a double acting cylinder can be fitted to give an equivalent stroke
of 1.2 m.
BSP Unveils New Range Of
Lightweight Piling Hammers
Page 43
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
Bespoke paving range
Townscape Products Limited has launched a
new paving range for architects and specifiers
looking for bespoke paving solutions.
The new Prestige range is produced using a
Vibro-cast method. The air is removed from the
aggregate after being hand poured, delivering
strength, flexibility and a high quality finish.
Available in a range of sizes and can be
finished with an antique riven, dapple or textured
profile pattern. Each profile pattern is available
in white, black, yorkstone, cloburn red and grey.
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