Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6 - page 41

Kubota unveils two new
M-Series models
The latest mid-range units feature more
powerful 4 cylinder 3.3 ltr turbo-charged
diesel engines, along with additional
modern enhancements that ensure users
get a truly robust unit that satisfies their
every need.
The M6060 is available in Rops and
Cab variations and features a 63.5 hp
engine, whilst the M7060 is only available
with a Cab and has a more powerful 71 hp
The M6060 and M7060 also features
improved cab design that allows for easier, more practical operator engagement including
close-proximity finger touch controls. The seating position and design has been improved
to make users more comfortable, allowing for extended periods of activity.
What’s New In Plant & Equipment
Page 41
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
CAT 725C/730C
Articulated Truck
Bare-Chassis Models
The Cat 725C and 730C articulated
truck bare-chassis models open up a
vast opportunity for developing speciality equipment, including application-specific bodies
(coal and trash, for example), water tanks and spray systems, fuel- and lube-service
components, hook-lift systems, container-transport systems, and flat-bed dump platforms.
A concern for such developers is always the question of warranty. Generally, any unap-
proved modification invalidates the warranty. However, through direct interaction with
Caterpillar, Cat dealers, such OEMs are able to work with customers in designing bare-
chassis models to accommodate rear-mounted equipment systems that meet the require-
ments of virtually any application.
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