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What’s New In Plant & Equipment
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
Caterpillar has recently announced the
introduction of the latest models in the
off-highway truck range. The Cat 770G
and 772G off-highway trucks feature major
advancements across the models.
With nominal rated payload capacities
of 36.3 and 47.1 mt, respectively, the new
trucks use Cat C15 (770G) and C18 (772G)
For different market requirements, the
trucks are available in Tier 2/Stage II, Tier 3/
Stage III, and Tier 4-Final/Stage IV configu-
rations, the engines can be programmed to
achieve the customer’s specific fuel economy
goals. Two programmable modes are avail-
able: Economy and Adaptive Economy.
Caterpillar’s solution for Tier 4 Final
exhaust emissions on the C15
and C18 engines is Selective
Catalytic Reduction (SCR).
A new transmission control
system, Advanced Productivity
Electronic Control Strategy
(APECS), provides a number of
benefits, including improved
shift quality, faster acceleration,
better speed on grade and faster
cycle times.
This new control strategy
modulates shift points to match
optimum operating speed
and torque; minimizes torque
spikes during shifts; reduces
stress on the drive train which
increases drivetrain compo-
nent life; provides greater oper-
ator comfort and control, and
reduces material spillage.
Operator environment and safety
The trucks have a new four post ROPS/
FOPS structure that is integral with the cab.
The center cab position provides ample
interior room and creates a walk-in style
cab, allowing the operator to easily enter
and exit.
Operator safety is enhanced with hand-
rails, lighting, and a low-effort stair step
system using a star pattern tread plate on
the walkways, allowing the operator to
safely get on and off of the truck. A new
rear hinged door provides immediate
accessibility to the cab, and new hand rails
on the ROPS posts facilitate safe cleaning of
the front windshield.
770G 772G
Op. wt., gross (kg)
71 214
82 100
Nominal payload, (t.)
Body capacity (m³)
Top speed, loaded (km/h)
specifications vary according to configuration and region
New CAT 770G & 772G
Off-Highway Trucks
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