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iller UK Ltd has been at the
forefront of design technology for
over three decades, constantly
developing new products and ensuring that
safety is its highest priority. Even through
challenging economic times, the company
continues to invest heavily in delivering
products that are the safest and best quality
on the market. Now they are beginning to
see the green shoot of a recovery.
A key area in which the company has
proven its engineering capability is in bucket
In 1978, the current Chairman, Keith
Miller, took the bold step to start up an on-site
welding repair service in his native North
East, providing a service to
mining, quarrying and other
industries throughout the
UK. The quality of his work-
manship and the overall
service he provided allowed
the company to grow and diversify into the
global manufacturer it is today.
Keith’s brother Gary also joined in 1979
and sister Jacqui completed the sibling
team in 1981.
When the financial crisis hit in 2008, most
of the industry’s manufacturing businesses
were badly affected, but the re-investment
in existing machinery created a boom for
Miller’s in-house repair service.
John Coward, the UK Repairs Manager
for Miller, commented, “A typical bucket
overhaul is around 60% of the cost of a new
bucket of the same specification, offering a
significant saving to the customer.
“An added advantage is that the bucket
Miller UK Ltd
Begin to See
Green Shoots of
A young Keith Miller (right)
starts out in 1978 and through
emphasising quality established
a global operation (top)
Page 38
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
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