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the wider economy due to increases in the
demand for goods and services from indus-
tries in the supply chain.
“In particular, CECA welcomes the fact
that this investment is not to the detriment of
other sectors, but part of the government’s
plan to renew all parts of the UK’s infra-
structure to meet the needs of a twenty-first
century economy.
“The government is rightly undertaking
the largest programme of investment in
Britain’s roads sector since the 1970s in
order to create a high-performance network
that will cope with the expected 43 per cent
increase in traffic by 2040.
“It is vital that all parties support such
investment, which will not only provide
the transport networks our businesses and
commuters need, but drives job creation up
and down the country.”
IPAF calls on Minister to
urgently review HSE response
to industry accidents
In response to a call from IPAF’s UK Council,
IPAF CEO and Managing Director, Tim
Whiteman has issued a letter to the Minister
of State for Employment, Ms Esther McVey
MP, who holds responsibility for the HSE.
Mr Whiteman is asking her to urgently
review the time taken by the HSE to respond
to a fatal accident involving a MEWP (mobile
elevating work platform) in June 2013.
In the letter, he expresses the extreme
concern of IPAF’s UK Council over the delay
taken by the HSE in reporting any informa-
tion regarding the accident and the poten-
tially negative effect this could have on the
On behalf of the IPAF UK Council, Mr
Whiteman calls on the Minister to review
why it is taking so long for any information
about this incident to be released. Also to
institute measures to ensure that prelimi-
nary information about fatal accidents be
released in a timely fashion to ensure that
lessons can be learned and appropriate
measures taken.
He said “It is now five months since the
fatal accident took place and no information
or data has been released to the industry.
This delay is not acceptable; it leads to confu-
sion and concern in the industry and can
even lead to people considering the use of
alternative, less safe methods of performing
temporary work at height.”
He added, “IPAF’s members and staff
represent an enormous pool of industry
knowledge and expertise. They stand ready
to assist in any way possible to ensure that
appropriate resources and skills are avail-
able for such investigations.”
The letter also draws parallels between
the powered access and the aviation
industry; as MEWPS are used to lift people
into the air, if something goes wrong, the
consequences can easily be fatal. IPAF’s
voluntary accident reporting programme,
similar to that of the aviation sector aims
to share safety information for the greater
good of all in the industry.
Page 36
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
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