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mass programme of energy-efficiency
improvement work, particularly helping the
vulnerable and the fuel poor.
“The Government should not be talking
about rolling back green taxes, it should
rather be investing the £4 billion raised
annually via carbon taxes such as the
Carbon Floor Price to improve our housing
stock and help those who are not able to
help themselves through the VAT reduction.
“If the Government is serious about
lifting millions of families out of fuel poverty
by making Britain’s homes greener and
cheaper to heat, and by so doing meet its
own tough CO
emissions reduction targets,
it must tackle this issue head-on.”
Berry added: “In terms of the construc-
tion industry, although we’re starting to see
some initial improvement, it is important
that the Chancellor remembers what a low
base this industry is recovering from.
“While it is encouraging that we have
seen two consecutive quarters of largely
positive results in the construction sector,
the previous 22 consecutive quarters were
pretty much all bad news for Britain’s belea-
guered builders.”
Berry concluded: “Builders’ overheads
have kept rising throughout this period, and
now many firms are beginning to report
rising energy costs, and shortages or delays
in the supply of certain materials, while
skilled labour is also increasingly in short
“Despite striving toprotect their customers
from these costs, our members are telling us
that they may simply have no choice to put
up their prices next year.”
Roads Investment Will Drive
Job Creation
Infrastructure contractors today said that
government statistics showing that 9,500
jobs will be supported in 2014 by more than
£1.9 billion of investment in Britain’s roads
network were likely to underestimate the
true benefit of such spending.
Commenting, Alasdair Reisner, director
of external affairs for the Civil Engineering
Contractors Association (CECA), said:
“Figures produced by the Department for
Transport suggest that
almost ten thousand jobs
will be supported next
year by the £1.9 billion the
government is spending
on the UK’s road network.
“This, if anything,
is an underestimation
of the wider benefits
of infrastructure invest-
ment. CECA’s research
has demonstrated that for
every 1,000 jobs created
in infrastructure construc-
tion, 3,000 are created in
Page 35
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
Photo: Gordon Dunn
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