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engineers was to delivery the whole team
and equipment back safe and sound, so it
is fantastic to have achieved this.
“Throughout the journey I think we have
become one with virtually every part of Rover
and Seeker and alert to the tiniest of differ-
ences in performance. Faced with a constant
battle against the elements, you also realise
that snow and ice is relentless and finds the
tiniest of gaps to fill, meaning we have had
a constant battle on our hands, throughout
the journey.
“We are both now in a unique position
to share our experiences with others and in
particular our fellow engineers across the
whole Finning and Caterpillar businesses.
The knowledge that we have gained will
certainly make a difference to the future
of plant equipment development and most
importantly the safety of the engineers that
maintain it.
“We are both quite sad to leave such an
amazing place, but are very excited about
the future and can’t wait to thank everyone
that has helped us make this journey
possible. These experiences are once in a
lifetime opportunities and we have both felt
privileged to take part.”
Flown out of the Princess Elizabeth
Antarctic station, Richmond and Spencer
will have to wait a number of months before
they will be reunited with their machines as
they will make the journey back to the UK
by boat.
Richmond added: ‘”I know I speak for
both of us when I say that being part of
something that has raised so much money
for a charity like ‘Seeing is Believing’ that
gives the gift of sight, is very humbling. We
both hope to do more to raise awareness
for the charity and hope to push the overall
total beyond $2m.
Still time to donate
To donate to the coldest journey ‘Seeing is
Believing’ total that will be match funded up
to $5m.
Not the
way to
park a D6N
were a
source of
danger for
men and
in their epic
through the
Page 31
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
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