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and myself have had our engineering skills
tested to the max and it has been such a
rewarding and amazing experience.
“Even though the main goal of the expe-
dition, to traverse the Antarctic in winter,
had to be changed due to extremely severe
weather conditions, we have broken dozer
records and been able to achieve our own
key goals for the expedition.
“By getting the team and equipment
back safe and sound, we have proven that
the vision of Sir Ranulph Fiennes, to develop
Antarctic ready Cat D6Ns that can operate
in the Antarctic winter, has been achieved.
Words can’t describe the whole experience,
but it has certainly been life changing!”
In total 2,500 miles were travelled by the
two dozers, which carried out various tasks
throughout the journey. In this time, engi-
neers Spencer and Richmond performed
numerous essential machine maintenance
tasks, protected by a specially designed
With daily routines, checks and analysis
combined with the removal of snow and ice,
hundreds of man-hours were spent looking
after the Cat D6N’s.
In addition to accommodation cabooses,
a science caboose was towed by the Cat
D6Ns to allow the team to conduct numerous
science based programmes, including
human studies.
When asked to comment on the perfor-
mance of the Cat D6Ns, Richmond Dykes
said, “For the Cat D6Ns, this has been a
three year journey, with 5 months of it oper-
ating in the Antarctic. Designed by Finning
engineers in our Cannock UK headquarters,
the performance of the Antarctic ready Cat
D6Ns has been fantastic.
“This was completely new territory for
everyone involved and our ultimate goal as
Frost bitten fingers from removing gloves to tie loose
ski strapping. The extreme temperatures of the
Antarctic leave no room for error.
Beautiful sunsets in the Antarctic
herald long, cold Winter nights.
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Page 30
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
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