Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6 - page 29

to camp throughout the Antarctic winter in
the permanent darkness and temperatures as
low as -60° C. And, they achieved one of the
longest Antarctic journeys in winter.
“In addition, through their associa-
tion with the international charity ‘Seeing is
Believing’, which is committed to eradicating
avoidable blindness in the developing world,
the expedition has raised funds which are
being matched dollar for dollar by Standard
Chartered Bank.”
With both engineers and equipment
brought back to base camp safely, Spencer
Smirl commented on the personal experience
of the expedition: “This was an unbelievable
journey, pitting man and machine against the
most unpredictable and harsh conditions on
the planet.
“When you are relying on a Cat D6N to
travel in temperatures as low as -60° C, in the
dark, you know your focus has to be on the
performance of the machine.
“But in order to keep it performing well, you
have to keep yourself in top condition, alert to
every possible issue and ready at any moment
to perform maintenance, change plans and
support the rest of the team. Both Richmond
Page 29
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
Conceived and
put into action by
Sir Ranulf Fiennes,
who, unfortunately,
through an injury
had to leave the
operation in the
early days.
In such extreme
conditions, simply
removing a glove
to tie a loose ski
strapping has its
When the Cat C6Ns did not require servicing
- not an easy task in sub-zero temperatures
- the machines had to be dug out of snow
drifts before any progress could be made.
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