Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6 - page 26

Contractor J Freeley’s demolition of
an eyesore has paved the way for the
redevelopment of a key regeneration site in
the north Wales resort of Colwyn Bay.
Manchester-based Freeley demolished
the former market hall and neighbouring
empty shops after landing the contract with
Conwy County Borough Council following a
competitive tender.
The council and the Welsh government
bought the site in 2012 as part of the Bay
Life+ regeneration project, which involves
the purchase of buildings of strategic signifi-
cance to Colwyn Bay’s future.
Freeley’s work involved removing
asbestos from the 19th century, four-storey
building and making the structure safe with
propping before demolition could begin.
This was done by hand from scaffolding and
elevating work platforms. With the ‘sensi-
tive’ material safely removed, demolition
took place using conventional tracked exca-
vators equipped with grabs and pulverizers.
The demolition itself had to be carefully
planned, as the site lies on Princes Drive,
which runs through the town centre, and
near the busy A55 and a railway line.
Complex traffic management issues
had to be addressed, including the provi-
sion of temporary traffic lights and careful
phasing of heavy goods site traffic to avoid
Freeley Completes
Demolition Of Seaside
Town Landmark
Page 26
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
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