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Success wins additional work
Having successfully supervised more than
60,000 man-hours during the initial project,
RVA was retained by both GrowHow and
American assets company Sigma Investment
Holdings, L.L.C to co-ordinate the safe and
precise dismantling and packaging of two
remaining LCA (leading concept ammonia)
plants and a utilities area, bought by Sigma
for resale outside of the UK.
Following two months of RVA planning,
a specialist dismantling contractor was
appointed by Sigma to begin the meticulous
process of coding, extracting and preserving
every single vessel and associated pipework
for exportation.
This exacting project resulted in the ship-
ping of 4,500 tonnes of ammonia produc-
tion plant, in no less than 120 containers,
60 enclosed crates, 80 open stillages plus
30 outsize items of deck cargo, all ready for
reassembly and return to production once it
reached its overseas destination.
RVA Group managing director
Richard Vann said: “We were employed
in two capacities at Severnside.
GrowHow engaged us as specialist
project managers to ensure that the
high standards adopted on site to date
are maintained, with no cut corners and
no safety compromises.
“Sigma meanwhile appointed us as
CDM co-ordinators. There is a legal
requirement for CDM-C, although
Sigma was not obliged to choose
RVA. However they have because of
our specific knowledge of this site and
our strong background in the field, for
example we supervised the sequen-
tial dismantling, for relocation, of a
6,500 tonne papermaking machine in
“...there are those who might ques-
tion how we could effectively simultaneously
represent both vendor and purchaser.”
“It is rare for one consultancy to be
appointed for both roles and there are
those who might question how we could
effectively simultaneously represent both
vendor and purchaser. Yet in reality it works
very well because it ensures a co-ordinated
approach, with common standards and
universal protection of interests in a collab-
orative environment.”
Using the original construction designs
and drawings, the team prepared intricate
methodology and processes for dismantling
each individual component and match-
marking it with codes for ease and accuracy
of reconstruction.
With a small footprint of only 100 m
square in total, the specialist plant is ideal
for producing ammonia in a restricted area.
Richard Vann said: “It is fortunate that
the drawings are of a high standard, as this
Page 24
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
For the heavy lifts, a 450 T Kobelco SL450
was the main lift crane with a 160 T crane
Liebherr LR1160 acting as the tailing crane
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