Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6 - page 20

ven with the best intentions, when money
is tight the eye can come off the ‘EHS ball’
and that is something no-one can afford –
the global downturn doesn’t mean hazards are less
onerous, or that laws can be flaunted.
However, when conducting perhaps one of the
largest industrial process plant demolition projects
of recent years, the decommissioning team on
GrowHow UK Ltd’s 100 acre Severnside site, near
Bristol, ensured that safety was their number one
When premier fertiliser manufacturer, GrowHow
UK Ltd, announced the decision to close its Severnside
plant, located on the eastern bank of the River
Severn, its management recognised that a project
of this magnitude required expertise beyond their
Project management and CDM co-ordina-
tion consultancy RVA Group was brought
in to begin planning for the chal-
lenging processes that would
follow the plant closures.
Having completed
Safe, complex,
high hazard
calls for expert
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