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have improved levelling accuracy. Another
benefit of VFC drives is their energy effi-
ciency. Power savings of around 30% have
also been achieved, which makes it great
value for money.
Mammoth hoist
Hoists are installed in conjunction with
the common tower system which is
manufactured from aluminium alloy to
minimise weight and has a small 5 m x 5 m
footprint yet is capable of running multiple
hoists simultaneously.
This access system allows all mate-
rial and personnel transportations to be
concentrated in one area, which streamlines
loading efficiency at ground level.
The hoist system installed at The Tower
also incorporates a 3 m x 4.6 m ‘Mammoth’
hoist from Alimak Hek with a safe working
payload of 5,500 kg which is crucial for the
fast movement of large materials required
for modern buildings.
With all hoists operating simultaneously,
it minimises waiting times for men and mate-
rials, especially at peak times. Unlike other
vertical access systems the Alimak Hek and
c ommon
tower solution provides an open clear (5 m
x 5 m) landing space at each floor to allow
an enhanced and safe flow of materials in
and out of the hoists.
As only the common tower, and not the
hoists, are tied directly into the building, it
means external cladding can be applied
to the whole building during construction
with the exception of the 4.5 metre access
openings at each level. As a result there are
far fewer panels to replace
at the end of the project,
which dramatically speeds up
The combination of the
Alimak hoists and common
tower not only saves time
and boosts efficiency during
construction but is also far
quicker to install and remove
than conventional stand-
alone hoist systems, so there
are major savings at the start
and end of the project as well.
The Tower, One St George Wharf,
London, UK
Hoist type:
Alimak Scando 650 FC-S 32/39
No. of hoist cars:
3,200 kg
Hoist car size:
1.5 m x 3.9 m x 2.3 m (W x L x H)
100 m/min
Lifting height:
165 m
Hoist type:
Alimak Scando FC TM 55/46
No. of hoist cars:
5,500 kg
Hoist car size:
3.0 m x 4.6 m x 2.3 m (W x L x H)
30 m/min
Lifting height:
165 m
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
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