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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
Prolec has launched a machine
guidance rental scheme designed to
allow operators to gain the benefits
of using advanced tools without the
layout so often required to buy such
a system.
Aimed at operators who have a
one-off job that requires machine
guidance, or those who would like
to trial a system before committing
to it, the rental scheme offers the opportu-
nity to improve productivity and efficiency
and, by association, margins. It also makes
Prolec’s guidance systems accessible to
smaller companies where expenses need to
be matched closely to income.
Prolec’s rental scheme covers all of its
machine guidance products – Digmaster,
Digmaster Pro and pcX Pro. These systems
range from simple to extremely complex,
with a wide range of tools and machine
options. They are industry leading with
advanced graphics and simple operator
Prolec systems available for rental range
from 2D and 3D guidance through to a GPS
set up. GPS can be provided from Prolec’s
own supplier, or can be incorporated into
an existing GPS system, as Prolec products
are set up to be compatible with 99 percent
of all GPS providers worldwide. Full training
is provided to ensure operators are confi-
dent in using the system, and that it can be
used to its full capacity, thus gaining the
most benefit from the rental cost.
This scheme is being offered through
all Prolec distributors, giving customers the
r isk-
free, for the dura-
needed. As an
additional benefit,
deciding to subse-
quently buy the kit
will be refunded
50 percent of the
rental cost. Or if it
is no longer needed, it will be removed at
no additional cost.
Machine rental companies, with support
from the Prolec distributors, are also able
to support this scheme. Two of Prolec’s
distributors – Hubbway Plant and Tool Hire
in the north east and Bastable Plant Hire in
the south east – are already providing this
service as they offer plant hire alongside
their other services.
Both stock excavators from 5 tonne to
30+ tonne, including long reach, fitted with
Prolec machine guidance. They can also
supply excavators and telehandlers with
the award winning Prolec Machine Engine
(PME) safety systems fitted as standard.
Prolec rental programme
means risk-free system
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