Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6 - page 14

Team Van Oord (TVO) has
the Environment Agency
contract to rebuild Weir
B at the site and replace
the existing gates with new
hand-wound radial gates.
All the work is done in
the river itself, which has
required the use of a 95
crane and the construction
of sheet-piled coffer dams
to give access to the river
bed and weir structures.
Mackley Construction, a TVO partner and
a specialist in this type of work, had the task
of constructing the coffer dam, measuring
roughly 20 m x
20 m x 4 m deep
Gr ound f o r c e ’ s
and MP250 struts
to provide lateral
“We had two options, basically,” says
Mackley’s project manager Barry Holt. “We
could do it the conventional way, with a
fabricated steel frame welded into position,
or we could use a modular hydraulic system
like Groundforce’s.”
Mr Holt says that, having worked with
Groundforce on previous projects, he had
no hesitation in recommending this option.
“It’s just a lot quicker,” he says. “On paper
the actual cost isn’t that much different but
the time saved by using the Groundforce
equipment is consid-
erable – and time is
money at the end of
the day.”
After Mackley had
driven the sheet piles
to their full depth and
broke up the concrete
within the coffer dam,
Mega Brace frame
was assembled and
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