Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6 - page 12

Naburn wastewater
works gets support
roundforce has supplied a range of
specialist equipment, including MP80,
Mega Brace, Maxi Brace and double-
acting Mechshore braces to install a new large-
diameter pipeline at a Yorkshire wastewater
treatment works.
The contract, at the Naburn WWTW,
involves the laying of a new 1.6 m diameter
steel pipe to carry sewage sludge across
the site to the final settlement tanks where
it is prepared for de-watering and disposal.
Improvements are being led by Black &
as principal contractor.
The route of the 100 m long pipeline
crosses several existing services which the
new pipe must run beneath. This has meant
digging down as deep as 7 m to get enough
“The pipeline passes through the loca-
tion of old sludge lagoons and the ground
condition here is very poor,” says Richard
Kent, section engineer with Black & Veatch.
“Approximately half of the trench had to
be supported with steel sheet piles which
needed to be heavily braced,” he added.
The shallower stretches of the 3.2 m wide
trenchs were lined with standard trench
sheets and supported with double-acting
Mechshore braces but where the pipe dived
down to clear an existing FST feed pipe
crossing the new excavation, heavier equip-
ment was required.
“The deeper section was lined with inter-
locking sheet piles and three levels of frame
Groundforce Expertise in
Support Solutions
From major infrastructures, such
as the London Crossrail scheme, to
smaller projects, Groundforce has
been supporting the construction
industry for over 20 years with an
ever increasing portfolio of products
and services.
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
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