Contractors World UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6 - page 10

It is with great sadness that
we report the loss of one of
the Lighthouse Club’s oldest
and most loyal supporters.
Mr Jimmy Cook passed
away last week (Tuesday
8th October 2013), at the
great old age of 93.
A Lighthouse Club
Member for nigh on 50 years, Jimmy
was one of the finest ambassadors they
have ever had. His dedication to the
charity never faltered, having served as
Chairman of the Midlands Branch back
in the 1960s right up to his more recent
role as Welfare Officer, which he fulfilled
until very recently when ill health forced
him to slow down.
His passion and enthusiasm was
second to none and he truly lived up to the
Lighthouse Club motto ‘Consideration
for Others’. In fact on his 90th Birthday
he asked family and friends for dona-
tions to the charity and for his beloved
RAF Benevolent Fund in lieu of presents.
As a veteran RAF Pilot
who served his country
faithfully in World War II,
Jimmy could always be
relied on for an interesting
tale to tell; he actually
served at a RAF airfield
just two miles from where
the Lincolnshire Branch
hold their meetings.
He used his Lighthouse Club
Membership as a way to stay connected
to the industry he loved; remaining self-
employed as a PR Consultant.
He will be sorely missed; his lovely
personality made him a popular figure
with everyone who knew him.
But knowing Jimmy he would want us
to celebrate his life which is why we ask
everyone to raise a glass in his honour
and in doing so spare a thought for his
two daughters at this sad time.
To Jimmy, a great man, a wonderful
friend and one of our industry’s finest!
Jimmy Cook - a construction industry
veteran and friend to all
Page 10
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 6
No Hiding Place with Enigma Telematics
Enigma Telematics has helped to recover hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of plant
and machinery that was stolen in the UK
and shipped to the Middle East earlier
this year.
By using a relatively new but increas-
ingly popular technique known as ‘fake
hiring’, criminals used bogus organi-
sations to steal substantial amounts
of equipment from leading plant hire
companies in the UK.
Fortunately, some of the stolen equip-
ment had been fitted with tracking
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